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Q2 2018



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Meet Harry Hunter, freelance parking attendant. Under-payed and over-worked, he dreams of dating the famous billboard top-model Angelica Wilde, but he is still very committed to his work and lets nobody through the parking booth without a ticket. When a freeloading owner of a blue Mustang drives through without paying for the ticket, Harry ventures inside the lot to Make Him Pay (tm). Part comedy and part mystery, this epic story will take you on a journey unlike anything in gaming before! As a spiritual sequel to the award wining "All You Can Eat" interactive comic / point and click adventure, this game features multiple endings and side quests, and thousands of lines of dialogue spanning over 2-3 hours to complete (with the ability to print out your game-play as a physical comic book when you're done so you can put it on a shelf and enjoy it forever).


This game is the second in our ongoing series of interactive comics. After the success of All You Can Eat, we decided to upgrade our interactive comic making engine and also our storytelling abilities. That's why The Lot features much more gameplay, a longer story with multiple endings and improved in-game mechanics such as animations, paralax, saving and loading and other bleeding edge technology like that! :P


  • every interaction in the game world (such as talking, picking up items, using objects etc.) creates a new comic panel, furthering the story
  • hundreds of unique hand-drawn (and hand-scanned!) content rich panels for all the various combinatinos
  • improved replay value with multiple endings, sidequests, achievements and many different ways to solve the game mysteries
  • when the player ends the game, he is given the option to print out his gameplay in a comic book format
  • a new game+ option with a developer commentary track when you finish the game


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About Gamechuck

Gamechuck is a game development duo that wants to provide innovative and unique gaming experiences. Our vision consists of games where the mechanics are intertwined with the story, the visuals, and the sound. We also spend time thinking of new ways to push the boundaries of existing game genres. Accomplishing the task of creating well rounded games is a complex job, and eager to share their work with the world, we decided to start off with shorter games, but that doesn't mean we don't have illusions of grandeur!

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The Lot Credits

Igor Kolar
Art and voice-over

Aleksandar Gavrilovic
Story and code

Zvonimir Lugaric
Sound and music

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